Our Governors

A school's Governing Body is an elected body with legal responsibilities for the strategic direction and leadership of the school. The Governing Body meets termly to monitor how the school is progressing against its stated objectives (its School Improvement Plan). 

The Governors at our schools have a variety of skills and backgrounds and they work closely with the Head of School to ensure high quality learning is accessible to all of our children, according to their individual needs. This is achieved by monitoring the children's results and learning progress, ensuring the school is a safe and welcoming environment, and delivering within the confines of the school's budget.

Our Governors all share the same purpose: to support and challenge the Head of School to ensure that our schools deliver a curriculum that gives our children the skills and abilities needed to succeed in a challenging and fast moving world, delivered in a safe, holistic and enjoyable way that encourages our children into a lifetime of learning.

Details of our Governors can be found on the individual school websites.